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What does the membership cover?

  1. Access to provider via text, call, email, video chat

  2. Annual physical/Well child exams 

  3. Acute/sick visits

  4. Unlimited relaxed office visits 

  5. Same day or next day appointments

  6. Wholesale labs and medications 

  7. Uncomplicated laceration repair 

  8. Incision & Drainage of abscess

  9. Trigger point and joint injections (lidocaine and/or steroid)

  10. Uncomplicated mole removal 

  11. Skin tag removal

  12. Wart removal

  13. Pap smears*

  14. DOT physicals 


Financial commitment

  • $80/month (minimum of 6-month contract) 


  • $900/year (if paid in full at time of enrollment) 


  • Non-Member Walk-in/Acute visit - starting at $300 per visit


  • Non- Member DOT physicals - $125 per visit


  • Non- Member Laceration Repair- starting at $400 per visit 

***Membership fees subject to change***
  Effective 5/1/2021

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