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Live Life Family Practice

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At LLFP we believe that you should be the center of your care. As a private practice, we eliminate the middleman of insurance and all of the hoops associated with standard healthcare. This allows us to drive down the cost for our patients to obtain affordable healthcare for you and your families. Put the power of your health back in your hands.

 LLFP is based on a  Direct Primary Care Model (DPC) 

What does this mean?

We are not dependent on insurance nor should you be. Don’t let that scare you. With high premiums, deductibles of 3K plus, and all the out of cost copays and office visits, insurance is making it harder and harder for families to afford healthcare. Here at LLFP we eliminate all the guesswork. For $780/year or $70/month newborns to elderly can obtain affordable healthcare that includes:

  1. Access to provider via text, call, email, video chat

  2. Same day or next day appointments 

  3. Annual visits

  4. Acute visits 

  5. Chronic illness follow ups 

  6. Relaxed office visits, that are not rushed

  7. DOT physicals 


At LLFP we focus on overall wellness from mental health to disease prevention to health and nutrition with as little pharmaceuticals as possible. One may consider catastrophic coverage for life’s emergencies but is not required. At LLFP we offer a 50% discount for in house labs, pharmaceuticals, as well as discounted imaging and specialty visits for our patients.

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